Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Magic of Gratitude, Quadrupled for Some!

Further investigation, in to the magic of gratitude, has revealed something epic.

You know how some charities say that a kind donor will match your donation euro for euro, if you donate in the next week or whatever?

Well, vegans can multiply their donations by ten at least, at a time.

How can this be, you might ask?

It is because so many animals are grateful to you! It is a win win win situation.

I went out today for an afternoon walk...mentally preparing myself for Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. I immediately passed 10 young bullocks in a field. Each one more beautiful than the next. One with an eye patch of sorts, one with a mohecan, one with a completely white face and completely black body; all of them came straight over. They are probably 6 months old and they came to say that I have only a year max to save them. They asked if they could move in to my place but i explained it was only 50 metres away and they'd be spotted without a shadow of a doubt.

Vegan Feast at Billy Byrnes this Friday 28th October with vegan Savour Festival Chefs

It was discussed that we can't fight the meat eating, there is not even need to raise awareness any more. All we can do is help facilitate people's transition to a vegan lifestyle, for whatever reason they show up. It was also discussed that they probably won't show up initially on the basis of sudden compassion for animals. It will more likely be a health need, a personal need mainly.

But I'm really glad of that too as however people come into this slipstream of harmlessness - no animals or fish, no egg or dairy industry, no sugar, no slavery, no chemicals, we will be there with totally recognizable meals that make the changes easy.

I admit the bottle of wine makes this fruit cocktail something for later in the day!

As a preliminary breakfast menu, when you want to serve up something substantial?
Go for Linda McCartney Sausages, waffles, organic baked beans, organic mushrooms and grilled organic tomato with a herb or two or just plain Himalayan pink salt...

This is my favourite salt as on one side of the packet it says 'Made 50 million years ago' and on the other side it reads 'Use by 2016' - So I am very grateful for whoever seized this exact window when we can use it.
I even give my Magic pony a himalayan pink salt lick - electrolytes are so important! Also first frosts are coming next week so don't forget to get animals' winter quarters ready. I have the Valentine's Day pink heat lamp ready to go for the pigs, Becky and Legend. And don't forget to make a bee hotel (for all the friendly bugs really) for their hibernation.

This is where the gratitude gets doubled by nearby animals. You make a kind choice and they add their ten pence worth too.

That is some serious magic dust being sprinkled on your life, right there.

So, if you're in the habit of worrying about your friends, your family, your animals, all animals, your money, the sea, the environment and humanity...stop it at once! Deep breathe and say thank you for each thing and aspect.

If you want help, support or even a week's shopping or meals prepared while you or someone in your family transitions to vegan, I would be eternally grateful if you got in touch! And if you're perfectly happy with how things are already, I am grateful for that too!

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