Friday, August 12, 2016

Get Meat off Your Plate

Go Vegan World Campaign Hits New York City

New York City!!! Yeah! ''They hurt…like we do. They Despair…like we do. They care…like we do. They make friends…like we do. They fall in love…like we do. They raise families…like we do''. All on a massive revolving screen/billboard at Times Square. With fantastic pictures of cows, pigs, hens, goats, sheep and fish! Posted by Be fair, Be vegan, recorded by Steven Robalino.

Meat Industry Hits New Lows of Cruelty

Or maybe just maintains them.

This isn't about people's choices and a right to eat sausages if you want to. Down on the farm here, in Kilkenny, the cows are going ballistic, bawling their hearts out. Do you know where they are going? Herded into a lorry and then prodded into a tube where their throats are cut in front of the others in the line. Really think about everything you buy. There are lives at 'steak'!

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