Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TTIP-Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a Cover for secret courts that take power from governments and give it to Corporations

From an MP who has seen some of the TTIP text and is alarmed…to say the least

Now I know that you can argue that you'd trust the councils and the government as little, if not less than corporations. At least corporations have an overt mission statement to rob the individual and the earth of its resources for the explicit objective of making money. For example Pharmaceutical giants plan to have every citizen on an average of 4.5 prescribed drugs for their entire life, to create a customer from infancy. Monsanto was responsible for 13,754 suicides amongst Indian farmers in one year alone, following selling them 'patented' seed and charging them yearly for it. Nestle we know have dehydrated milk products for years and sold them as powders to countries where there is no water to dilute them for the infant formulas they're supposed to provide. Nestle nowadays just keep draining water reserves and transporting them off off for sale, leaving a barren wasteland and remain unabashed.

Governments and councils are more nepotism oriented. If a friend asks for something or there's a little cash incentive, absolutely anything goes. A tiny percentage, perhaps 4% do their best to inform themselves and influence a change for the fare of the people's quality of life. Here in Ireland, we have invited in the Nestle's and pharma and chemical companies and allowed the Queallys and Glanbias, of our own creation, rot Ireland from the inside out. Sometimes they work in perfect partnership when dairy protein is used to coat and bond tablets. Great! Two completely indigestible ingredients in combination. Or when I went for the Council dog pound and they gave it to a company that they already use to take away and destroy horses. Great! Lets make them warden, rescuer, destroyer and even give them another few thousand again to dispose of the bodies. The government department says that they just keep paying the bills that the council sends, they can't do a thing about it. €980 per horse. That is an incentive to pick up any unsuspecting horse or dog, however briefly displaced and cash in on it. Nobody wants them to get the contract but still somehow the payments go inexorably on. The people who actually notice and understand what is going on are gradually undermined under some label or another. Do gooders, activists etc. It was the same with the dual carriageway into the medieval mile, the infamous CAS. It is the same with Shell and the stopping of meaningful grants for renewable energies and organic growing. Most shops do not even have an organic section, even though it is common knowledge that the crop sprays are carcinogenic. That really does make life easier and cheaper. Dead before you know it, unless everyone wakes up to what is going on and makes good choices of their own.

One might have remained hopeful that the courts would be one last vestige of justice and fairness. This is what is threatened by the decision that MEP Sean Kelly was involved in yesterday. He is the only Irish MEP to sit on the council and these TTIP amendments could mean that Corporations can sue governments for trying to bring in laws that affect their profits. That really would be a disaster. Already in England there are secret courts for child abusers. This is a way devised to deal with glorified pedophiles so their private activities do not affect their influence and position in society. Over here in Ireland the secret courts will be so the same thing can happen here with corporations not having to disclose their dirty deals or have them get into the media. There are already plenty of deals going on as we know. We all remember the pylon agreement of a few billion signed at a small meeting in Dublin Castle. We all trust the doctors in hospitals but they too are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. In another context it would be called pedaling drugs.

I was at a workshop with Raw Italian Cuisine in Sligo this weekend and heard a great doctor Ivan Moriarty speak about other research. Eating raw vegan food, focusing on living nutrition, elimination of toxins and absorption of nutrients has a 90% success rate in healing pancreatic cancer. Western medicine has a 2% success rate. Do not let fear of the unknown give your power away to any company or institution. Learn to look after yourself. If you need any help with holding this new perspective and exploring methods for getting well, mentally, physically and emotionally…give me a call!


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