Sunday, March 22, 2015

CERN starting up again tomorrow, 23rd March - thought you should know!

It turns out that extra terrestrials are equally fragile to us humans in their physicality. However they do, on average, live for between 12 to 14 hundred years. They can live this long because they have raised their frequency and do not demoralize their systems through negativity, anger and related illness. Having said that, they cannot risk contact with most people of earth, as our energy is too fractious. This says a lot to me as it gives us a direct correlation between quietening our minds, avoiding low vibration situations and achieving lasting health. The energy clearing that I am teaching allows us to consciously clear away the hum and interruption of electrical devices in the home and work place, the drone of traffic and pollution and the aggravation of internal and external conflict.

The Plejarens from the Seven Sisters constellation of stars and others would like to help humanity and we can learn to listen and receiving information remotely via a partnership with Nature. Nearly every aspect of life can be guided by this partnership. And I contrast this to misguided unconscious behaviour that there is a lot of around. The clues are in our reactivity, we are psyched up by injustice, concerns about lack, social anxiety. All this has to stop and we must prepare our systems for longevity, through a process of peaceful clarity. I would add to that the importance of compassion. This is not a weakness of the heart, it is a supporting mechanism for human life. It is the only sustainable dynamic available to us. It is similar to empathy but instead of jumping on the band wagon of shock, racing towards the lost soul department, it includes a recognition of the power of the heart, to resolve an infinite amount of apparently contradictory knowledge.  It also includes a recognition of the power of connecting to nature on purpose. Also compassion gives us an access to many more dimensions, than just the third. It also includes a recognition of the power, best of all, that we create our own reality and that puts us back in the driving seat, over and over again.

For example tomorrow, CERN are starting up their third computer. These computers collectively will facilitate an unprecedented level of control over people as they are strategically placed over several countries in an equilateral triangle. Their stated reason for doing this project (that has been met with court cases and huge resistance on many occasions) is that they want to recreate the big bang. This, you would rightly think, could be a risky business as it could destroy the world. The gem they're after is the 'free energy'. The ability to create something out of nothing. Once the computer starts up they will be conducting a series of experiments in their 70 miles of underground pipe, laid out in a ring. When particles collide as anticipated they will see if it has worked. The negative symbolism of their devilish logo and their recent massive statue of Shiva - representing destruction in mythology - outside CERN in Switzerland alert us to the fact that they have predominantly destructive, rather than creative, intentions.

The greatest risk is to humanity. The forecasting capacity of this computer system is so extensive that it will be able to tell what people and whole societies plan to do long before they do it. This was likened to a game of chess where one player knows  the next 10 moves of the other. So our independence and free will is at stake but we can hold our own through consciousness. The request to other people able to work remotely from a situation (which is everyone, its just that many are yet to hone these skills!) please tune in and avert the dangerous outcome of CERN, shifting it through conscious intention into safe hands and a positive outcome.

These are the skills that we are capable of and sharing now; peace, telepathy, teleporting, breatharianism and complete personal healing.  

For more information on the solid extra terrestrial contact there's been, look up

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  1. Two things happened: CERN announced a short circuit the day after start up of the new computer - the 24th March. They back-dated the news to the short circuit having happened on the 20th March. It is thought that they did this to off-load any responsibility for the crash of the German plane, which happened only 150km away. It might have been convenient to call the tragedy a flaw of the pilot's mental health but it is worth considering that the magnetic field around CERN could have been involved. People have shared with me that CERN do great work and I respect that. Nonetheless, I get that discernment is called for and that is not something that scientists are known for. That is why I'll always keep tuning in and intending the best possible outcome for projects like this and for higher principles of operation throughout industry