Friday, January 30, 2015

Ireland's Animal Welfare Crisis and Resolution

Update on the dog shelter. A considerable amount of information is coming to light about the successful tenderers for the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Shelter, Four Seasons Promotions, trading as acs. Even whole groups have been working on this for months, in respect to horse welfare. I have been asked if we should have a private group so as not to be defamatory. My position on this is: If you have any documents or any concern, even if not yet verified, send it to He's in the Procurement Department and maybe Cllr Breda Gardner too. The wording could be, 'I heard …' or 'I attach a link, that I came across, to …'.and 'Please would you make absolutely sure there is no truth in it before awarding the tender.' Ask also that they lodge a record of your concern as having been received within the 16 day standstill period. If you do this, those that are being asked to revise their decision cannot say that they did not know. They will have all the information we have. So, please, send everything you've got to the council. This passes the onus of Protecting Pound Dogs Kilkenny/Carlow back to them. And most importantly, the information living in our own inboxes will break our hearts.

The council have defiantly said that we can take legal action but I am sure that all this information you have painstakingly gathered will never be heard unless you lodge it now, while there is a national spotlight on a specific tender, while the council's very own 16 day standstill period is in place and before the money is awarded. This is an opportunity for complete transparency and an opportunity to insist on the council doing the right thing. I have also contacted Transparency International so I don't think that the council or the animal collection service will want that amount of investigation. Send on everything you've got, thoughts, feelings, documents, solutions, accusations, let it all out..but make sure its on the record and make sure you have your qualifying statements in, like ''this might not all be true but I am sure the council would want to know if there was any risk that it were!!'' - This statement even gives the council credit for wanting to know and gratitude for their willingness to address the situation. Maybe, this way we can make it happen!!

My most recent broadcast on the dog pound tender process can be heard at 

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