Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vegan 2015 for the Environment - watch Cowspiracy

I am recommending a plant-based diet…again! I just watched Cowspiracy, to be found on! It shows how fossil fuels etc account for 13% of global warming but animal agriculture is responsible for up to 51%. (It doesn't mention Ireland in the film but here, animal agriculture is responsible for about 35% of Ireland's emissions already, so don't go thinking that because we don't have massive factory farms we're not doing any harm. The environmental damage is caused by the methane gas they release and the muck running off into the waterways…let alone all the water the industry uses - 100 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk! So please don't go expanding a herd! More intensive farming makes matters much worse for everyone). I'm serious now, we've really got to all chose the vegan lifestyle asap. Actually nothing else will really sit right once you've watched it! I've got my last vegan guests of the year, for Harmony Hall BioArchitecture Retreat, coming tomorrow from France. And I'm just back from an exceptionally gourmet vegan Christmas in Oxfordshire. So there is a world-wide movement to join in too once you make the change!

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