Thursday, November 6, 2014

A wonderful October 2014 in Pictures

First Harmony Hall Organic Tofu
                      Spelt Pancakes and Fried Tofu breakfast

                           Magic's First Day at Harmony Hall

                          Measuring up for a Geodome
                          Hook Head Farewell to My WWOOFERS
                                                        (Organic Farm Volunteers)
Visit Home to the best Mum and Dad
(Jonah in the background)
Horticulture - Fetac Level 5 assignments in progress!
        In one of my October blogs and on one of my radio programmes too, I cleared that horrendous plan to kill badgers in England where they had already ordered 25,000 badger body bags…and so, brilliantly, when I visited England and asked about it, it hadn't happen! This is the nature of energy clearing. When we learn how to pay attention we can divert all sorts of harm from ourselves and others!

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