Thursday, October 16, 2014

Problems that have taken generations to manifest take more than one session to unravel!

Even though I talk about what energy clearing is a lot, I realized today that I have been emphasizing just one angle! This is perhaps the quantum nature of energy and therefore the possibility of instant correction, miraculous healing and the healthy energetic still point that exists under any drama, discord or illness. Situations both physical and emotional can be addressed directly and there is no end to the scope of energy clearing. It includes love childhood money work creativity health politics values, others and oneself all at once…because we are all connected!

So that is well and good, very well and very good thankfully, but I have been doing energy work consciously for over a decade. Why, I asked myself do clients come for an energy clearing as if it is a one-off service for the life force, soul, health or happiness? Why do I go and clear generations of difficulty, friction and grief from houses over a morning and then the work is considered 'done and dusted'? In my life, every day I see an opportunity for growth, I see a situation in the world or within myself I don't discriminate where it crops up! and start to navigate my way through it. For closure, to stay present, to participate, to be successful. There is miles and miles of landscape for us to explore, inner landscape and outer landscape. Political landscape, wild landscape, scientific landscape, academic landscape and your homework for today is the sensory landscape!

Now I must go to attend to something in the landscape of England. Some group of sadists has ordered 25,000 body bags for a mass killing of badgers. I love badgers as they represent the same philosophy as Aristotle 'Happy is the man who passionately defends that which he loves' That's what badgers do and apart from that, they are shy and mind their own business, only coming out at night and are a beautiful micro society in their own right. Because I've learned how to navigate around information and interact from whatever distance is needed, I will send healing and resolution for the badgers. I will also clear the people who are so determined to kill. I will also clear the part of my own energy field that is still attracting these sorts of cruelties. You might think you are not attracting anything but even the tiniest little feeling of victimization held in your body can mean you are still and always will be attracting and creating your worst nightmares. So my recommendation would be get clearing asap and keep to it, make it an expansive journey into empowerment, success, health and peace. Pity not to!

Yesterday my wwoofer (willing workers on organic farms) and I found a dead cat run over on the road. She asked, why does no one pick it up? I had picked him up and put him in the hedge, shed some tears for his little, cut-short life, sent his soul to the light, cleared the trauma of the death and sent some love and protection to all other cats out and about. Why would you not want to be able to do all that? Why would anyone just want to say that is horrible, drive on and try and forget about the scene? Images stay with you. What you have witnessed in life stays with you until you acknowledge yourself and your history compassionately. That's what clearing is all about, acknowledgment! Still I thought about the wwoofers question and said that up until a few months ago I had not been able to actually handle road kill situations physically either. I could do the healing, feel the grief but not do the gathering up of the body. But then I realized that the main reason people do not stop to help is that most people are anesthetized. 70 billion animals are killed on purpose every year from farms great and small. Scarily enough I realized that very few people actually care about life. 0.00005% of people to be exact. That leaves a lot of dehumanized people! Don't let it happen to you…or if it already has or is threatening to, give me a shout. Learn to 'recognize your brother, darling, in everyone you meet!' ( The 'darling' is from John Lennon but I like it. It shows how much we can warm up, given the chance!)

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