Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Radio Show - Pascifist Action and Self Sufficiency

I have been offered a chance to shine a light on matters that matter to me….in one sitting the list of topics hit 20! So I look forward to sharing what I've found out and a good perspective too!

For the moment, I am in England for May Day, a time-honoured tradition of singing from the towers and bells bringing in the spring.

Here I met an old friend who I have not seen since I was 12! Still brilliant after all these years and wonderfully I found her in charge of an 800 acre organic crops farm. There were a few animals there but only as pets! Now we're talking! Living proof it can be done and in style.

I had an epic sing song with family - featuring Bela Legosi's Dead, Karma Police and Killing Me Softly- and there were no real casualties thank God. Now I am heading back to Harmony Hall to plant more magic seeds of possibility and pray for this garden to grow!

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