Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free ourselves from the financial, military and political matrix

As Richard C Cook asks “can a free humanity even exist in the face of the ongoing rush to a society based on servitude to the financial-political-military New World Order elites?” Those, he calls in his book the ‘controllers’. (The Return of The Aeons,

Everything can change but not by attempting to mobilize  others but by first identifying and addressing one’s own servitude to these systems and controllers. To this end, I asked in what way I am holding the financial dominating forces in place and inadvertently perpetuating them. I was relieved to discover that I am no longer part of the problem. I have healed my relationship to money, I trust in the abundance of the world, I have released limiting beliefs about not belonging and things not belonging to me either, being indebted, being undeserving and under valued. Let that all go!

This has simultaneously freed up my receptivity to support and a healthy sense of belonging. I have taken responsibility for my creation of previous poverty, via my worrying nature.  I have also acknowledged the resulting hardhip for myself and others. I had lived, like many, with a fear of not having enough and an obscure fear of being in trouble for trying to move forward. Most importantly, I have let go of blame. It is the lowest energy of all. I admit, I just switched from blaming the world to blaming myself for a bit.  That was a part of the journey. I did feel really bad for creating such a complex nightmare by feeling so strongly about everything. But not now! My mind is free, now I have the correct perspective to formulate the global solution (I liked this typo so I'm leaving it in!). My heart is also free, my sight is clear and I am a fully listening channel for intuition and the universal stream of consciousness.

Serving humanity and the Earth and all species with a free and loving heart is a far cry from servitude. One is a life motivated by love and compassionate recognition of the mirror we all are to each other. One is motivated by fear. I don’t need to point out all the fears that financial, or military or political for that matter, organizations bring up. Corruption is embedded in every structure. Only through regaining your own structural integrity mentally, emotionally and physically can you achieve the independence to create a new reality in 3D. This is the process that I help people with.

But I mentioned physical health! Medicine must go under the ‘financial’ heading now. Be under less and less illusion! A grated organic lemon has twenty times the potency of chemotherapy. Just think about that! The doctors are trained in the delivery of pharmaceutical drugs. There are even academics in Ireland that are on Monsantos pay roll. Research and sales are all one and the same now. You might be tempted to say you can trust no one! But there is one person you should come to trust and that is yourself! If you dismantle your deepest-held negative illusions and they are illusions ( you are not small, insignificant, powerless or ineffective. You are not an individual beset by big bad influences and injustices. You can start to rely on yourself. Money, strength, happiness, fulfillment, peace, food, energy are all yours to chose.

As I work each week to put together radio shows with people who have boh awareness and perspective, I listen as well to what they have to say. Our task, I realize, has the exact level of duality that the world has! It is a mixture of conscientious objector and conscious participation. When we are conscientious, we are simply careful in paying attention to detail and committed to doing a good job. If the job is living the details are: 

-Make it nourishing
- make it harmless to other life 
– non GM
- no chemicals definitely
- organic and vegan, definitely

-plenty of water supports your physical and emotional stability
-be grateful for it
make sure no fluoride is in it.
-Bless it with intention
-Harvest rain water
- Ban fracking
- Convert farms from animals to crops.
- Give water to countries that need it.
- Plant the hemp crop where possible (as I gather it is the only crop with the right frequency to counteract the level of radiation in soil and air.
- Do not waste any. Appreciate and savour both hot and cold water. 
These are real blessings that if fully acknowledged could expand to quench the thirst of every one.

Breathe the air you’d like to breathe. One of the advantages of the interconnectedness of all life is that you can chose what parts of reality you draw from and relate to …Yes its true! So I don’t breathe in the fumes of the traffic jam. I inhale the crystal clear negative ions from Coombe Hill, Valentia Island or the top of the Andes or the heart of the Amazon.

So there’s the conscientious objections. You won't do this anymore, you won’t buy that anymore, you won’t vote that way any more, you won’t eat that again…but there’s also conscious participation. Things that you will do!! You’ll repect yourself for the magnificent creative being you are, you’ll support compassionate movements in every area;
- the rights of animals 
- organic food production
- free clean electricity
- green politics….talking of which, I look forward to speaking to the much love Malcolm Noonan Green Party TD about what changes he has seen and what is the most effective way of bringing about political change.      

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