Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dealing with the physical, in a round about way!

The physical energy field is our most dense. It is the last part of ourselves to express our experiences! There is the spoken expression that someone unfortunate was a 'victim of illness' or a 'victim of crime'. To unravel these unlucky patterns, it is totally worth looking around the heavy manifestation at the more ethereal material from which they were created. An example might be fear of pain or a sad memory that has remained unacknowledged. Learn the tools to look at your unconscious developments. Then you can set your sights on a future vision. Even the mood of conscious intention is so much more powerful than a life of dodging the bullets. Avoidance and denial are often cushioned in the self image of being 'down to earth' and only dealing with what's tangible and in front of you. That is a valid persona but I really recommend freeing the mind and getting ready to expand and live life to the max. We are in charge of what happens to us. Always have been, always will be, might as well make it epic, compassionate and firing on all cylinders.

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