Sunday, March 4, 2012

Take Your Time

All we really need is quality time. This can be defined as time when we are simultaneously grounded and engaged. Both these are energetic states. I refer to a reality that takes place in time but is not exclusively physical. We don't have to be sitting down with quiet music on and the washing up done to be grounded. We do not need to be reading a book and paying attention to how we feel about the story, to be engaged. We don't need to 'do' anything. When we are working with energy, it is dealing directly with the non physical formations and dynamics. We are going straight underneath the obvious. We are systematically getting grounded and engaged. Everyone knows there is more going on than physical developments. Ideas are happening, climates are changing, waves of feelings are shaping our experiences. Everyone knows that stress is the cause of illness and accidents. People try and use physical solutions to address these non physical problems. They get a massage or an anti depressant etc. This is only a turning away from the learning, the life and any chance of positive change.

I am starting to run the healing courses again to offer people guaranteed quality time. First we will talk about the whole spectrum of applications - environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental - and then we will deal with them. Notice and deal with, become aware of and heal, be hurt by and learn from, judge then accept. Resist then allow. Holding on, letting go. These are the true movements of a healthy life form in 2012. You must evolve your own consciousness and share the resulting peace of mind and joy that follows. Difficulties that are karmic (repetitive destructive patterns) can be cleared. Once you have these out of the way, you no longer need to look askance at yourself and others, wondering if its all just more of the same s***/different day. You can start to trust yourself, establish faith that you're on course, exactly where you're supposed to be right now and build some more love in to this ol' thing we call reality. Nature has it wrapped up, constantly carving out new improved ways to get to where its going. Like this waterfall at my place!

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