Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If you're clearing, keep your etheric field clear daily!

What is this terrible cough that’s going around? Its the beggar within us arising for healing, bringing up issues of physical survival, self esteem and generosity. We have been feeling desperate about money, ourselves, everyone else and the future and this is how its taken shape in the body. The lungs represent your life force. It is also where we hold grief. These are the true source of affliction. With compassion, or sympathy if you like, acknowledge these feelings, whatever story you recollect. Like stress, the loss of someone you loved, a trauma (or ten!) and then make a commitment to yourself to let them go.

Whenever I check in, I only get a yes to illness being in the etheric field...its not ours! We’re all just taking on other people’s stuff. Its just a bad habit! Don’t emotionally engage in everything. We’ve to tread that fine line between participating...and emotionally jumping in. The first is being conscious, the second is getting lost completely!

The good news is that this is the last remnants of anger, resistance and blame clearing. We're nearly there. People are having flash backs to their teenage years, triggers are being spotted right away. So don't be harsh, just look after yourselves and be as peaceful as you can. If you have an intuitive team of divine aspects, gather them around you and acknowledge the root of your present situation. Then ask to unravel the energetic/spiritual complex that's holding it in place.

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  1. love it! You got it spot to the point, as always Franc. Am reading '' The four agreements" right now, so true...