Friday, November 26, 2010

Essential Meditation - second part

So while you're developing a rhythm, stay mindful. Keep affirming the conscious choice to breathe gently. You will start to feel the intake of the breath at the tip of the nose. Its all quite mechanical at this stage. We are preparing the body for the quality of breath that will bring the mind in line with the heart, when the chatter of anxiety or busy ness will take, at last, a break.

So we're on to the out breath. Concentrate on the out breath, raise your awareness of it. You are in control of what you breathe out. You are saying "I am not breathing in the chaos or stress or illness anymore" but furthermore, on the out breath you are expressing yourself consciously. "I breathe out the way I want to express myself, which is as gentleness". Keep the mind in line. If we perfect this, we are moving the power to within ourselves. Instead of being on alert for the external environment we are meeting; be it work or the shops or any environmentally dense energetic spaces (everyone and everywhere!), you now choose what you are breathing and are also asserting your self, deciding how that environment is going to be. This is a conscious action of deciding to be a gentle presence and influence on the environment. So that's what you're affirming mentally. Physically, you will notice that the out breath has its own rhythm and speed. Some people’s out breath is longer than their in-breath, for some its shorter. It has a warmth, not an uncomfortable warmth, its fiery and again gentle. The reason for this exact quality I will explain in the final part but, trust me, its not used in a flowery sense, aim for quite literal gentleness. It is being used as a medium for something much greater!

So with the out breath, we are further developing our focus and awareness. We are bringing ourselves back into ourselves. We are saying to the world, this is who I am. We are saying, we are gentleness. We are way more than that obviously but we are still gentleness, as opposed to say tension or resistance!

The next stage is embodiment. This is translating the gentleness of the breath to your body. Make sure the rise and fall of your chest and ribs is complying with the gentleness of the breath. You will be surprised initially how hard you have been holding your chest, as if braced for the next bit of bad news. It can be called embodiment because the body always responds second to the light. We have our etheric, emotional and mental experiences first and then it manifests in the body over time. The body we end up with is the choices we have made, there are no accidents, no incidents. So, now we are telling the body consciously to express the ease, to mirror the gentleness of our breath. When you express or exhale, make sure the shoulders are gently depressing or releasing. You will notice that you have been holding the ribs and therefore putting pressure on your spine. The breathing, let alone anything else, is tricky for many initially. This relates back to sinus problems when young or ongoing! All of these tell you that you have contractions in your heart. They point to difficulties receiving love and that you are holding back your love from others. If you don't believe me, just ask the pendulum and I bet you fifty euro you will get a yes and huge clearing will take place in every area. So, breathe out with affirming thoughts like, I am alive, I am love, this is gentleness, this is me. The me factor only comes in when you have successfully breathed your own breath. It is completely unnecessary to get sick or get diseases. The quickest way to get ill is to keep breathing other peoples' illness, chaos and stress. . . basically, other peoples’ emotions. To develop the me is: to choose the breath you breathe in and release it in the way you want the world to be, for you. You’re also telling the world how the world is going to feel you, experience your presence. The body then takes up and embodies the rhythm gently and makes you whole - aligns your body and spirit! Rather than a willow the wisp buffeted from one trouble to the next, of your own or others, you find instead that you're basically flying it!

I hope I am impressing on you how important it is to get on top of this! I have spent about three hours today concentrating on it. Luckily, as with all energetic medicine, it can be done amid other tasks like driving the car or at the gym! Its best application is just when you're clearing others though. Don't breathe in what you hear or feel around you, decide to breathe in air from the Rockies or Kerry or just a gentle void you create yourself to work from! A space of gentle acceptance.

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